Wine And Beer Company Launches Flagship Liquor Store In Nairobi

Wine And Beer Company Launches Flagship Liquor Store In Nairobi

The Wine and Beer Company opened a one-of-a-kind store in Kilelehswa, Nairobi. It boasts a selection of over 1100 products from over 40 countries. This will expand the palates of the discerning Kenyan drinker. The selection will be exclusive to the store. Wines and Beer’s store is located at Basic in Kileleshwa, Nairobi, and is open daily.

The WIne and Beer store is a benchmark example of local and international partnerships. The liquor store will provide exclusive alcohol products for the entire African market. The Principal Secretary for the National Treasury, Dr Chris Kiptoo, encouraged investors and stakeholders to be keen on sustainable business practices to preserve the environment. Bedi encouraged businesses to commit to the Kenya Extended Producer Responsibility Organization (KEPRO), which enforces minimal waste. It ensures that key industry players that manufacture non-hazardous products address end-user waste of plastics, paper, cartons, glass, aluminium, and composite packaging. Also in attendance were Jas Bedi, chairman of Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), and Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, former Kenya Trade Minister.

Why a stand-alone liquor store is a great business idea

Independent liquor stores enable entrepreneurs to earn a living while creating a clientele that supermarkets can’t. Liquor stores also have more affordable prices than bars and hotels. They also have a higher range of supermarket liquor sections and bars.

A unique flagship store like Wine and Beer’s will have an even more comprehensive range of products than most stores. With over 1100 products from multiple countries, locals can now access unique brands without paying exorbitant shipping prices.

Stand-alone liquor stores also have more room to stock unique hard liquors that may not be available in mainstream stores. Wines and spirits stores in supermarkets only carry the most popular brands, while stand-alone stores can stock more unique brands for customers with more eccentric tastes. Catering to more unique tastes helps grow a loyal client base which can keep a store in business for a long time.

Supermarkets and hotels are also restricted in the locations where they’re allowed to operate. Lone operations are permitted to penetrate residential areas and don’t have the same limitations when delivering products. Stand-alone liquor stores can also make further deliveries in residential areas, while supermarkets and hotels have a limited radius and a minimum price. This makes it easier for people hosting and planning impromptu parties to receive their products conveniently.

Studies show that beer is what’s most likely to be consumed at bars and restaurants. Stand-alone stores provide a wide range of products, such as spirits and wines that people can drink from home. It’s also great for consumers to diversify their alcoholic products. Red wine contains compounds that keep blood vessels healthy. When taken in moderation, it can also reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and manage type 2 diabetes. Spirits and wine are also great additives when cooking or baking. Beer, brandy, wine, or vodka increase flavour, create sauces or tenderize meat – Lifestyle: 14 Ways To Use Leftover Beer Around The House And For Cooking

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