The Power of Hard Work and Reliable Partnerships: The Story of Total Contracting Limited

The Power of Hard Work and Reliable Partnerships: The Story of Total Contracting Limited

The company began with a small job worth $30,000 and has now grown to become one of the largest underground utility companies in Harris County and City Houston. The company employs approximately 100 people and specializes in sidewalk repair and replacement, as well as the installation of water, storm, and sewer lines.

Merhi’s background in electrical work and concrete work in Lebanon played a significant role in his success. He learned on the job by helping other contractors with their work, which served him well later in his career when he transitioned from electrical to underground utilities and paving with his own company.

David Keys, NED, & Pierre Merhi, TCL

David Keys, NED, & Pierre Merhi, TCL

Merhi’s story is also tied to his relationship with NED, formerly Four Seasons Equipment, and David Keys his sales representative, who has been a great help to Total Contracting. Since 1999, Keys has supplied Total Contracting with equipment and prioritized the company’s needs.

Initially, Merhi bought a CAT 320 and D4, but when the CAT 320 broke down within the first week. Unfortunately, according to Pierre, the Chinese-sourced part, which was on backorder, took six months to get in and finish the repair. He started looking for a more reliable and affordable option, and that’s when he turned to Hyundai; which proved to be significantly less expensive and very reliable. Merhi purchased his first two Hyundai excavators and two Hyundai loaders from Four Seasons Equipment in 2002. From that time, and over the years he has acquired over 40 Hyundai machines.

Pierre Merhi’s story is a testament to the American dream. His hard work, determination, and willingness to take risks have helped him build a successful company. His story shows that with perseverance and the right mindset, anyone can achieve success in America.

Merhi commends the support he receives from NED, particularly during equipment breakdowns when they need replacement parts.

According to Merhi, “The technical support and service provided by NED are excellent.”

The partnership between Total Contracting Limited and NED demonstrates the significance of strong business relationships and the value of reliable equipment.

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