The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Wizard’s Blue Spinoff Manga Ends With 10th Volume

The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Wizard’s Blue Spinoff Manga Ends With 10th Volume

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Volume 10 ships next March


©Makoto Sanda, Isuo Tsukumo, Kore Yamazaki

The ninth compiled book volume of author Makoto Sanda and illustrator Isuo Tsukumo‘s The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Wizard’s Blue (Mahō Tsukai no Yome Shihen.108: Majutsushi no Ao), a spinoff manga of Kore Yamazaki The Ancient Magus’ Bride, announced on Tuesday that the manga will end with its 10th volume next March.

The manga’s eighth volume had revealed in April that the manga was entering its climax.

Seven Seas licensed the manga, and it describes the story:

In Magician Blue, an orphaned boy named Blue is taken under the wing of the magus Gisele to explore the artistry of magic in Paris. For readers interested in a gender-swapped take on the original premise of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, this beautifully illustrated manga is full of all-new wonder.

Sanda and Tsukumo launched the manga on the Manga Doa app in April 2019. Yamazaki supervises the manga.

Yamazaki launched The Ancient Magus’ Bride franchise‘s main manga in Mag Garden‘s Monthly Comic Blade magazine in 2013, but the magazine ceased publication in September 2014. The manga then moved to the publisher’s Monthly Comic Garden magazine, where it is ongoing. The manga has more than 10 million copies in circulation.

Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing the manga in English. Seven Seas is also releasing several spinoff manga and supplement books in the series.

The main manga’s first animated adaptation was the The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star OVA in 2017, followed by the first television anime season that premiered in Japan in 2017, the three-episode The Ancient Magus’ Bride – The Boy from the West and the Knight of the Blue Storm OAD from 2021 to 2022, and then the second television anime season that premiered on April 6. The second season’s second half just premiered on October 5.

Source: The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Wizard’s Blue volume 9

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