Stayntouch Announces Partnership With Skipper

Stayntouch Announces Partnership With Skipper

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BETHESDA, Maryland—Stayntouch announced a partnership with Skipper. Stayntouch’s cloud PMS integrated with Skipper to facilitate higher-margin conversions through digital wallets and embedded shopping on the hotel’s website.

Stayntouch PMS transforms hotel operations and service standards for independent properties and hotel chains. With automation, multi-property management tools, and a user-friendly interface, Stayntouch lets staff operate and give time to guest interactions.

Skipper complements these capabilities by integrating a configurable booking engine that optimizes conversions, cross-selling, and direct bookings. By enabling Stayntouch and Skipper together, hotels can offer guests a booking experience from shopping to check-out, including:

  • Increased operational efficiency by managing availability, rates, and inventory in one channel instead of multiple.
  • A booking experience that keeps guests on the hotel website while allowing them to book with less loading time and fewer clicks.
  • One-click booking with Apple and Google Pay.
  • Real-time fraud detection to reduce loss.
  • Performance insights with an analytics dashboard.
  • Cross-selling activities and ancillaries. After booking a room, 48 percent of guests click to book a table through embedded dining reservations.

Jason Shames, CEO of Skipper, said, “We are proud to launch our partnership with Stayntouch. Our integration allows properties to sell their available inventory more efficiently directly from the property management system. Owners will immediately notice a faster booking engine producing higher profits due to more direct reservations, greater system efficiency, and lower distribution costs.”

Jacob Messina, CEO of Stayntouch, said, “Optimizing every distribution channel is paramount for hotels striving to enhance margins and drive profitability. Pairing Skipper’s ability to increase top-line sales with Stayntouch’s automated distribution functionality is a powerful force that allows hotels to maximize their revenue potential.”

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