‘Sexyama’ Choo Sung-hoon’s fashion label starts international shipping, but it’s going to cost you

‘Sexyama’ Choo Sung-hoon’s fashion label starts international shipping, but it’s going to cost you

Drima ChakrabortyPUBLISHED ONSeptember 08, 2023 5:13 AMByDrima Chakraborty

Being a Physical: 100 contestant is out of the question for most of us mere mortals, but now you can look like one.

Choo Sung-hoon aka Yoshihiro ‘Sexyama’ Akiyama’s clothing line Sung 1975 is available for international shipping, the MMA fighter and fashion icon announced via Instagram on Wednesday (Sept 6).


Pre-orders are open now and will be sent out for delivery from Sept 20.

You can purchase Sexyama’s signature tank tops starting at US$45.35 (S$62), short sleeve T-shirts from US$40.77, long sleeve T-shirts from US$48.46, as well as sweatshirts and hoodies from US$114.62.

For bottoms, you have shorts from US$68.46 and joggers at US$71.54. There’s also a beanie available for US$36.62 and socks for US$9.23.

The outerwear and bags sections are currently empty.

Shipping is available in 207 destinations including Singapore, but here’s the catch — it’s an additional US$40.


The checkout page also reads: « Additional shipping fees may be charged on top of the base rate depending on the country of residence. »

If you’re not deterred by the costs, you can cop the fits of Physical:100 contestants Tarzan, Park Jong-hyeok and Seong Chi-hyun, and MMA fighter Yoon Chang-min, who have all modelled for the line.

Sung 1975 also held a pop-up store in Seoul on Aug 31, with a star-studded list of attendees.

Present at the event were K-pop stars Siwon (Super Junior), Yunho (TVXQ) and Kwanghee (formerly of Z:EA), and actress Cha Joo-young (The Glory, Love in the Moonlight).


Physical: 100 contestants including Kim Ye-hyun, Park Ji-su, Im Jeong-yun, Choi Kyu-tae, Ha Je-yong and Kim Seong-jun were also in attendance.



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