Samina Ahmad And Manzar Sehbai Love Story Revealed!

Samina Ahmad And Manzar Sehbai Love Story Revealed!

Pakistani showbiz industry’s well-known senior artist duo actress Samina Ahmed has openly talked about her friendship and conversation with actor Manzar Sehbai before her second marriage.

Recently, during an interview on a private TV morning show, senior actress Samina Ahmed had to say that before marriage, we used to talk on the phone for 2-2 hours a night. 

Talking about her first meeting with her husband, Manzar Sehbai, Samina Ahmed said that we both met for the first time during the shooting of the drama series ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ but at that time there was no such thing between us that we Liking each other, Sanjar proposed to me when we meet again sometime after the shooting of the drama was over.

Samina Ahmed says that when Manzar proposed marriage to me, I was surprised how this could happen.

The actress had to tell more during the show that when we used to talk for two hours at night, during that time we realized that we both are the same, there are no differences in our thinking and family background. There is no incident in the past life that will cause trouble in the future.

Actress Samina Ahmed while talking about the corona lockdown, further said that when the covid spread, we could only talk on the phone, there was no meeting at that time, during this time Manzar told me that we should get married. Later I asked for some time to think and before marrying Manzar Sehbai I asked my children.

The actress said that in response to my question, my children told me that this is your life, we accept whatever decision you make.

Actress Samina talked about her fear and anxiety about getting married at an older age and said that before marrying the scene, she was also nervous because she had lived alone for a long time. And being both fathers, they raised their children alone, which they did of their own free will. Before they got married, they were afraid whether they could share their time with another person or not.

It should be noted that Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai got married in April 2020 in Lahore during the Corona lockdown.

Manzar Sehbai and Samina Ahmed have acted in dozens of dramas, films and web series.

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