Reason Guest Convinced Friendship Group to Ditch Wedding Last Minute

Reason Guest Convinced Friendship Group to Ditch Wedding Last Minute

A groom’s friends have been slammed after they said they would ditch his New Year’s Eve wedding because there wouldn’t be alcohol at the event.

In a viral post shared to Reddit‘s Am I The ******* group on Wednesday, which can be seen here, user SoberNewYearsWedding explained that his friend was getting married to a woman that the friend group « is not in love with. »

The Reddit poster said they had known about the wedding for months but only recently realized it would be a dry wedding.

« I asked my wife if she knew about this and said ‘no’ and was ******, » the Reddit user said. « I texted the groom buddy and asked. He confirmed this.

« I told him this is something you should have told us a long time ago. I told him that [my] wife and I wouldn’t be going. We want to spend the night drinking.

« I texted the rest of my friends about this and oh boy, the group chat went off. This led to several more people backing out. This is not how a bunch of us expected to spend New Year’s Eve. Really the only ones that didn’t back out are the four members of our 12-person group that are in the wedding.

« Groom buddy reached out to me and went off. Pretty much he is now overspending on catering, he is having 20ish fewer guests show up than planned and this is all last minute. I’ve been called an ******* among other things for ‘leading the charge’ in people not going to the wedding. »

Newsweek has reached out to SoberNewYear’sWedding via Reddit for comment.

A couple at a wedding
A couple placing their hands onto one another’s at a wedding. A groom was upset that many of his friends would not attend the dry wedding.

Rima Barakeh, deputy editor at told Newsweek: « Having a wedding on such a popular holiday date like New Year’s Eve comes with many pros and cons.

« The pros are that you are giving your friends and family something incredibly exciting to celebrate on New Year’s Eve and that they all get to attend a well-organized party with many of their close friends and acquaintances.

« Though New Year’s Eve isn’t the be-all and end-all for some, many people consider this as one of their biggest celebratory nights of the year, so attending a wedding on that night may come with certain expectations.

« I would always advise couples planning weddings on milestone days of the year to give plenty of notice and expect that some people will have plans already in place or annual traditions they adhere to every year.

« Deciding to have an alcohol-free wedding is a decision the couple has the right to make and implement, but we always advise nearlyweds to communicate this clearly when saving the dates and wedding invitations are sent out.

« Being clear about the fact that there will be no alcohol at a wedding from the beginning avoids situations like this where guests feel as though they didn’t have all of the information to begin with, before returning their RSVPs.

« It’s not considered good wedding etiquette to RSVP yes to a wedding, and then change your mind so close to the day itself. Many would also consider the fact that there won’t be alcohol at the wedding to be a fairly insufficient reason to bow out so near to the wedding date. »

Online Reaction to Post

The overwhelming majority of comments seen by Newsweek took a negative view of the poster’s decision and believed the case proved the groom needed better friends.

ExistenceNow, whose comment was upvoted more than 21,000 times, said: « I love drinking and hate a dry wedding as much as the next guy, but you can show up to the wedding ceremony, spend an hour or two at the reception and then go get blackout drunk if that is an absolute must for you.

« Backing out last minute and letting your friend know he’s not worth two hours of sobriety means YTA (you’re the *******) by miles and miles. »

HIDeMyID added: « Clearly OP [original poster] and these other so-called friends of the groom care more about getting drunk than they care about the groom.

« It’s just too much of a sacrifice for them to be sober for a few hours on one of the dozens of New Year’s Eves they’ll enjoy in their lives to be with a friend on his wedding day. The groom needs to get better friends than this bunch of ********. »

MamaCounsel posted: « If the groom was OP, I’d be saying ‘OP, you dodged a bullet. These folks couldn’t take two to four hours of non-drinking to support you. These are not your friends. »

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