Pace CCS and deepC Store submit CO2 shipping supply specification to the Australian Government

Pace CCS and deepC Store submit CO2 shipping supply specification to the Australian Government

deepC Store (“dCS”) has submitted the CO₂ supply specification for CStore1, dCS’s floating CCS hub project, developed with carbon capture specialists Pace CCS. 

dCs is a major international decarbonisation project that enables import of waste CO₂ from large Japanese industry by ship for permanent disposal in deep reservoirs offshore Australia. 

The CO₂ supply specification is a key requirement to allow development of project infrastructure. The public release of this specification is intended to inform the emerging CCS industry and global progress towards Net Zero.

dCS and Pace CCS considered a wide range of potential CO₂ supply sources including iron & steel furnaces, traditional fossil fuel power plants, biomass power plants and waste incinerators, refinery emissions, cement plants & kilns, lime production, ammonia production, and carbon capture Direct from Air (DAC).

Daein Cha, Director of dCS, says: “We are pleased to publish our work with Pace CCS. The CO₂ supply specification is one of the most important technical conditions to determine with our prospective CO₂ suppliers.  This ensures that no risk to downstream material integrity or other HSE risks are introduced to our CCS projects, and that we maximise flexibility such that cost of CO₂ capture by the CO₂ suppliers is minimised. We trust that this information will assist other CCS project proponents to determine a pragmatic and robust CO₂ supply specification for their projects.”

Matt Healey, Managing Director of Pace CCS, says: “CStore1 is a world-leading project and we are delighted to share this specification publicly. All CCS projects must ensure integrity, while maximising uptime and allowing maximum flexibility for operations. We hope that this information is useful to regulators and to other projects to find this balance.”

Michael Malavazos, Director of Engineering Operations at the Department for Energy and Mining in South Australia and Chair of the Australian CCS mirror committee to the ISO technical standards committee, provides praise for this work being published: “This is an excellent and promising initiative to setting an international benchmark for CO₂ stream composition for the purpose of ensuring safe and reliable transportation and injection.”

More details can be found on deepC Store’s press release:

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