Imo governorship: Uzodimma unveils Chinyere Ekomaru as running mate

Imo governorship: Uzodimma unveils Chinyere Ekomaru as running mate

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has unveiled Chinyere Ihuoma Ekomaru as his running mate for the November 11, 2023 governorship election.

He reminded Imo people that he has kept faith with them on the oath of office he took when he was sworn in barely four years ago.

The Governor spoke at the Landmark Event Centre New Owerri on Saturday at a special stakeholders gathering where he not only presented his running mate, but used the opportunity to refresh the minds of Imo citizens on what his 3- R government, anchored on reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery has been able to achieve from January 15, 2020 till date.

Uzodimma took time to enumerate what his government has been able to showcase in Imo in the people’s interest and said, “On our part, I can boldly reiterate that we have indeed walked our talks.”

“We have kept faith with Imo people on our promises. We have laid the solid foundation for growth in all sectors of the economy and we shall consolidate on them to deliver an industrial, prosperous and safe Imo state in the coming years,” he said.

He said his numerous achievements were there to speak for him and his government as another election beckoned.

His words: “We have so much to campaign with. Our works speak for us. So today, we are here to reinforce our genuine claim to re-election. I have picked a female deputy governorship candidate in the person of Lady Chinyere Ihuoma Ekomaru.

“I believe she will add value to this ticket. I expect Imo women to appreciate this gesture as my genuine appreciation of their innate strength and capacity to make contribution to the growth of our state.

“The stakeholders are aware of why this particular decision was taken because the process of choosing her was all inclusive. I plead with all of us to accept and make peace with it,” he said.

Uzodimma said his administration had successfully checkmated the devilish plans of those trying to turn the state into battleground.

“We are all witnesses to the fact that the security situation in Imo has greatly improved from what it was between 2020 and 2021. The wanton and unprovoked killing of citizens by mercenary criminals has abated. The indiscriminate attacks on security agencies have been checked while the burning of houses of Imo citizens is no longer an everyday occurrence. Contrary to the wishes of those enemies of the state, who never condemned the carnage while it raged, people are no longer afraid to come to Imo state for business.

“While there is no doubt that the security situation has tremendously improved, it is clear to me that our people are still afraid from the security scars of yesteryears. The real issue now is the fear of the unpleasant occurrences of the past. This is understandable.

“However I want to assure our people that there is nothing to fear anymore. Shake off the scars of the sad events of the past, and feel free to go about your legitimate businesses. Enough measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our people, going forward,” he said.

The governor said he heard that those who created this spate of insecurity talk glibly about making the state safe, again, saying he laughed.

“Except they have decided to call-off their goons, seeing that the security agencies have given them a bloody nose. It is really curious that the only campaign agenda they have is the promise to battle insecurity in the state. By saying they will make Imo safe if elected, they are directly telling the people that the only way Imo can be safe is by them coming into power, what a poor strategy.

“They are only confirming their earlier threat to make Imo ungovernable for my Government. When the witch cries in the night and the baby dies in the morning, we don’t need to look far in seeking answers. Those who said Imo is now like Afghanistan are still safe in their villages. I don’t really understand what someone gains by de-marketing the state he wishes to govern.

“After politics, we shall all remain Imo sons and daughters. We have no other state than this. In this regard, let us treasure and protect what we have. Our only regret is that we were compelled to spend substantial amount of money on security, which could have been deployed to providing more infrastructure and other dividends of Democracy,” he stated.

He said it was remarkable that in spite of the distractions by the opposition through the contrived security challenges, his administration had truly made the difference in the lives of Imo citizens in the last 43 months.

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