Halo Infinite’s Oreo-Themed Armor Is A Super Sweet Coating

Halo Infinite’s Oreo-Themed Armor Is A Super Sweet Coating

A partnership between Xbox and Oreo is bringing a special armor coating to Halo Infinite. By buying the popular cookies in Europe, players can unlock a « cookies and cream » covering for their Spartan in the game.

It’s « not just a regular coating, » according to Katie Jerauld, a senior product marketing manager for the Halo brand. She tweeted that « it’s a special setting, » showing pictures of cookie bits actually embedded into a Spartan’s armor.

FUN FACT 👅 Halo’s Oreo-themed armor coating is not JUST a regular coating, it’s actually “cookies and cream” flavored. It’s a special setting. Not joking, you can trust me. Am Professional. The future is now. pic.twitter.com/bWXuZoNFnT

— Katie J (@Slimkati3) January 9, 2023

Getting this special Halo Infinite coating is possible through official Xbox Oreos that are only available in 22 European countries. There are six different designs of the cookies to eat, including the A, B, X, and Y buttons. Apparently there are codes in the baked-in symbols, which unlock the Spartan armor. Forza Horizon 5 and Sea of Thieves also are receiving branded content too.

This is the start of what may be a big month for Microsoft. There’s reportedly going to be an Xbox games showcase on January 25, highlighting Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft Legends.

Last month, Microsoft revealed Halo Infinite’s first-year stats, such as 16 billion Spartans slayed in multiplayer. Developer 343 Industries also added that over 130,000 maps have been created in Forge, including one based on Skyrim’s iconic city of Whiterun.

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