Flowers bloom together

Flowers bloom together

The adage ‘grow where you are planted’ finds its living embodiment in the narrative of Dr Sherika Equiano-Flowers and her husband Dr Stefan Flowers.

These extraordinary individuals not only embraced this philosophy but also etched their names in history as the pioneering married couple selected for the esteemed Marcus Garvey Public Sector Graduate Scholarship.

With their love story spanning more than seven years, the couple’s joint pursuit of excellence now extends to academia. In the forthcoming 2023 academic year, they will embark on an 18-month pursuit of a master of public health management at The University of the West Indies (UWI). Stefan, 33, serves as a medical officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) while Sherika, 34, is an emergency physician at the Spanish Town Hospital.

Their decision to apply for the Marcus Garvey scholarship was propelled by their unwavering passion for elevating Jamaica’s healthcare system, resonating deeply within their professional spheres. When Sherika first learnt that she was a recipient of the scholarship, in her excitement, the first person that came to mind to share the good news with was Stefan who in turn told her he too was a recipient.

« I was excited to be sharing this journey with him, [that is], to go through this graduate studies, » Sherika noted with a grin on her face.

« We were both kinda watching, so when I get an email or a message from Marcus Garvey [the selection committee] we’d both call each other to ask, ‘did you get this email …’ and so far, we were both on track with receiving the same emails from Marcus Garvey ».

Meanwhile, after a full-blown panic and realising he is a recipient, Stefan regained composure after hearing the good news from his wife that she is also an awardee.

« I learnt about the scholarship through my lovely wife. So when I found out I was a recipient, my heart was beating extremely fast, and my palms became very sweaty. I was in a full-blown panic, but I calmed down eventually and I was ecstatic, » he said while trying to contain his excitement.

The kindred spirits initially crossed paths during their medical school days at The University of the West Indies (UWI). Their connection deepened during shared internships at Spanish Town Hospital, sparking a romance that would forever intertwine their personal and professional trajectories.

Hailing from Kingston, the couple boasts an impressive tapestry of accomplishments. Stefan’s educational excellence traces back to his time at Wolmer’s Boys High School, where he secured the UWI Open Scholarship. His accolades extended to leadership as a prefect and engagement in sports such as lawn tennis. Similarly, Sherika’s high school journey at Holy Childhood High School bore testament to her leadership prowess, marked by her roles in disciplinary committees and student government. Her mastery of emergency medicine shone brightly through her top-ranking performance across the Caribbean upon completing her programme in 2021.

Stefan and Sherika are parents to a lively five-month-old daughter. As they nurture their roles as parents, partners, and achievers, the Flowers draw inspiration from their dreams and fervour for self-development.

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