FGBMFI launches distinguished footprint awards

FGBMFI launches distinguished footprint awards

Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International (FGBMFI) has launched its annual Distinguished Footprint Awards aimed at recognizing exemplary individuals who have excelled in their respective fields.

This initiative, addressing a crucial gap within the fellowship’s administration, seeks to honour outstanding achievements both within and outside the organization.

Speaking at a media briefing in Accra, Chairman of the Annual Awards Committee, Joe Tackie, emphasized the awards’ role in combating corruption and spotlighting integrity.

“Our fellowship not only recognizes but also endorses efforts by the larger Ghanaian community and society to name and shame individuals in the organization whose acts of dishonesty, corruption, and immoral conduct have contributed to an enviable position of Ghana in the worldwide corruption index. This year’s index shows that Ghana scored 43 out of an extreme score of 100 and ranked 70th out of 180 countries included in the index for 2023.”

“We believe in the principles that it takes to step aside good people and good deeds in society for emulation and for this reason, Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International has decided to institute an annual award scheme that would recognize and reward our own members as well as individuals in the organization in the larger Ghanaian society irrespective of their religious background whose exceptional demonstration of high integrity and public spiritedness has contributed significantly to the general growth and peace of our country,” he added.

Still speaking on the sidelines of the annual award, Joe Tackie revealed that the awards would extend beyond the fellowship to encompass other church organizations and the broader Ghanaian populace.

”Although the principal target of the awards is Full Gospel staff and volunteers, the awards have been given a national flavor but include churches, power church organizations, as well as the general body of Ghanaians who qualify to be awarded.”

Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International, founded in 1952, stands as one of the largest networks of Christian businessmen globally, spanning over 80 nations with thousands of chapters. In Ghana, the fellowship boasts over 140 chapters across all regions, comprising over 6,000 members. Its mission is to spread the love of God worldwide, person by person, and city by city, aiming to bring individuals back to God.

The awards ceremony, which will commence on the 20th of April 2024, is categorized into three segments:

i. Members of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International community, including staff, volunteers, and external partners.

ii. Churches and para-church organizations.

iii. Members of the general public.

Present at the launch of the awards were the Chairman of the Annual Awards Committee, Dr. Joe Tackie, Chairman of the National Advisory Council, Mr. Osafo Mensah, International Director of the Fellowship, Managing Director of Citi FM/Citi TV, Samuel Attah-Mensah, among other distinguished guests.


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