Famous fashion designer celebrated cancer-free status just months before passing away

Famous fashion designer celebrated cancer-free status just months before passing away

Chris “Spanto” Printup and Alex “2Tone” Erdmann’s partnership has significantly contributed to the success of their brand Born X Raised, whose net worth remains a mystery.

The famous fashion designer has sadly passed away but the cause of his death hasn’t been revealed, at the time of writing. Prominent figures from the hip-hop world are sending their prayers after hearing about Spanto’s death. The clothing brand owner celebrated being “cancer-free” last year and had publicly talked about his battle with the deadly illness.

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Born X Raised’s mysterious net worth was boosted by Spanto and 2Tone

The exact estimation of Born X Raised’s net worth is not publicly available, but the brand’s reputation speaks for itself and it isn’t hard to imagine its value.

Started a decade ago by Spanto and 2Tone, Born X Raised has teamed up with some of the biggest celebrities and brands.

The duo started the brand to celebrate and defend their California home in Venice, reports Complex, while their clothing is known for reflecting their own life stories.

Born X Raised is a streetwear brand that sells men’s apparel and the brand thrives to tell the real-life stories defining its founders and their families for generations in L.A.

Chris Printup celebrated being cancer-free last year

Spanto was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013, but he beat it with years of treatment and sheer willpower. He even celebrated his cancer-free status with an Instagram post in December 2022.

In the same heart-warming post, the designer opened up about the difficult childhood he had, growing up with a mother who was mentally ill and his father being “homeless”.

“I spent a lot of time in and out of the system from an early age from central juvenile hall to many years spent in the county – I decided to create a clothing brand while the last time I was incarcerated,” Spanto shared.

He shared encouragement through his own experience with cancer, which wasn’t easy. But, Spanto believed, “It’s okay. You’re going to be fine, things will get better.”

In one of his interviews, the BornXRasied co-founder thanked his partner 2Tone for working with him on designs while he was at the hospital getting treated for cancer. It helped him keep his “sanity.”

Tributes pour in for the late designer

As the clothing brand went on to inspire its own movement by highlighting the voices of Venice, Spanto’s fans have taken to Twitter to thank him for his contributions. They paid their tributes:

One fan tweeted: “Seeing the way Spanto & his team grew BORNXRAISED & the positive impact he made was truly an inspiration. The way he & his team pushed the BXR movement. From beating cancer to BXR growing big. My condolences go out to his immediate family. RIP SPANTO.”

“L.A. Legend , RIP SPANTO . Terrible loss,” said another.

A third person wrote: “Man. Huge loss tonight with the passing of Spanto. Nothing but respect. His brand was one of the best to ever rep West Coast Chicano culture. RIP.”

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