Elevation Worship Leader Tiffany Hudson Debuts Solo Album, Hidden Here

Elevation Worship Leader Tiffany Hudson Debuts Solo Album, Hidden Here

Grammy Award-winning artist and Elevation Worship leader Tiffany Hudson has recently released her first full-length solo album, Hidden Here.

« This project is more to me than lyrics & melodies, they are a collection of memories and moments with the Lord that I pray is an offering, first & foremost, to Him, » Hudson, who released the debut album last week, wrote on Instagram.

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« I also pray that you could discover the Lord Jesus in a way that won’t allow you to stay the same. That the Lord would draw you into a deeper level of consecration to himself, » she continued.

« I am beaming with gratitude for the many many people that contributed to this project. This project is a product of many beautiful people! »

Hudson recently told CBN News that she had not initially intended to pursue a solo career.

« I never had a desire to do my own projects or to write my own songs necessarily, but I felt like the Lord had invited me into this process, » she told the outlet, adding that she began writing the songs on her piano in 2022.

Hudson noted that the music on the album « felt more like a personal, devotional type of song that I would want to say to the Lord. »

Hudson shared that her time with God and sitting by the piano inspired her to create the melodies and lyrics on this album.

« I felt like I was in a season of creative drought. I would sit at the piano and feel like nothing I would write would be good, I just didn’t like any of it, and I felt like somewhere God had flipped the switch, » the worship leader explained. « He was speaking to me and putting themes on my heart, so then when I would sit at the piano, it felt like songs just came with such ease. »

After being inspired by God in those private moments, she would then bring « those little starts, whether it’s a chorus or a verse, to a group of co-writers, and then they (the songs) really come to life. »

Hudson told CBN News that she hopes the album would encourage people to draw closer to God.

« I would say my prayer is that these songs will lead people to a deeper devotion to Him, » she said, « I can only live for Jesus; no other life or no other person is worthy. It’s only Him. »

She also thanked Elevation Church for encouraging her to embark on this solo album journey.

« That kind of gave me the ability to say, ‘Let’s chase after this. Let’s see what the Lord wants to do to this song,' » Hudson shared.

Several worship leaders are featured on the album, including Steffany Gretzinger, Joe L. Barnes and Mitch Wong.

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