DNV clears Hanwha Ocean’s new 270K LNG carrier design

DNV clears Hanwha Ocean’s new 270K LNG carrier design

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October 6, 2023,

Jasmina Ovcina Mandra

Classification society DNV presented Hanwha Ocean, the South Korean shipbuilder formerly known as DSME, with an Approval in Principle (AiP) for a 270,000cbm LNG carrier.

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The new 345m long LNG carrier by Hanwha Ocean was heralded as a “ground-breaking achievement” by Vidar Dolonen, Regional Manager, Korea & Japan, DNV, when he presented the AiP to Jong Seo Kim, COO of Hanwha Ocean, at Hanwha Ocean’s office in Okpo. 

The LNG carrier, designed with a breadth (molded) of 55m and five cargo tanks to minimize sloshing pressure, is to be equipped with an X-DF engine and re-liquification system. The design maximizes cargo capacity while optimizing vessel performance and improving the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

“DNV is honored to be chosen to review Hanwha Ocean’s pioneering 270K LNG carrier development,” said Dolonen.

“This innovative design signifies a ground-breaking achievement, pushing the boundaries in size and technological advancement.”

Under its class guidelines, DNV conducted a comprehensive structural verification and feasibility study. Critical structural details were validated throughout the advanced analysis. The sloshing calculation for cargo tanks was also reviewed, further contributing to the carrier’s enhanced structural reliability.

“We believe this AiP marks the dawn of a new era in 270K LNG carrier designs and significantly enhances the competitiveness of ships built by Hanwha Ocean,” said Jong Seo Kim.

“Through our collaboration with DNV, we are proudly pioneering cutting-edge technologies within the Korean shipbuilding industry.

“Our commitment is to align with our clients’ needs and adhere to industry regulations, primarily focusing on creating a safer 270K LNG carrier.”

The AIP is being awarded on the back of another approval Hanwha Ocean secured from ABS. Namely, earlier this year the shipbuilder won clearance for key innovations that are at the heart of what is believed to be the world’s first carbon emission-free LNG carrier.

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The 74,000 cubic meter LNG carrier design incorporates an ammonia-fueled gas turbine as well as supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) power system, which has been shown to enhance efficiency when sCO2 is utilized as the turbine’s working fluid.

The vessel offers the flexibility to employ ammonia and natural gas either independently or simultaneously as fuel sources. When ammonia is the sole fuel choice, there are no carbon emissions.

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