DJ Envy, Tyrese Address Complicated Relationship And “Disrespectful” Acts

DJ Envy, Tyrese Address Complicated Relationship And “Disrespectful” Acts

« But as a man, some of the things that you said deserved me to box your mouth. »

DJ Envy and Tyrese hashed out their complicated relationship during a recent episode of The Breakfast ClubBlack Ty wondered why, amid his mental health issues and divorce, Envy didn’t show support and love for his “friend.” The radio host recalled a moment when the R&B singer arranged a private concert for the personality, né RaaShaun Casey, and his wife, Gia, in hopes of them working out their problems. However, how Tyrese privately and publicly spoke about the situation left a bad taste in Envy’s mouth.

“Instead of just checking in and keeping it moving, he stayed on top of it to the point where he became the therapist, the mediator, the person in between,” Envy recognized. 

“[But], when we talk on these private chats that have nothing to do with the public, but who you were and how you speak and how you talk about the people next to you, I didn’t respect it,” he added. “To the point where I blocked you on my chat because I didn’t want to see Tyrese as that. That wasn’t the man that was my brother.”

“I don’t think [Envy] appreciates [Tyrese’s gesture] as much as he should,” Charlamagne Tha God said. Envy then opened up about why he didn’t stay around to help Ty during his issues, citing his “disrespectful” antics. 

“I never had a conversation with you because I never wanted to see you like that,” the DJ continued. “The person who spoke to my wife during that time with texts, I didn’t like that. And I wanted to remember Tyrese as a brother that helped my relationship… Not the Tyrese that was going through it, so I took a step back. I didn’t know what you were going through and I tried to talk to you and I seen who you were. When I seen how you were talking this way, I said I’m gonna take a step back.”

Tyrese rebutted, stating that he was taking a combination of psychology medication and didn’t remember anything. He then shot back that, regardless, he never walked away from DJ Envy when he needed help. “How convenient for you to step back. I never stepped back from you,” he said.

Casey then explained in detail why he had to walk away from their friendship. The DJ asserted that after Tyrese disrespected Gia, he recognized he could no longer help him. “You’re right, but I never talked to your wife in a disrespectful manner,” the DJ said. “And you talked to mine in a disrespectful manner. And I never told nobody that… But as a man, some of the things that you said deserved me to box your mouth.

“To the point where my wife doesn’t even call you back anymore… So that was the reason I stopped talking to you and wouldn’t reach out to you anymore. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to remember my brother as that.’”

Watch the full interview above.

In this image released on August 2, (L-R) Charlamagne Tha God, Jess Hilarious and DJ Envy pose backstage during a taping of iHeartRadio’s Living Black 2023 Block Party in Inglewood, California.

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