D.L. Hughley Says Kanye Would Be In Conservatorship If He Was A Woman

D.L. Hughley Says Kanye Would Be In Conservatorship If He Was A Woman

D.L. Hughley
If Kanye Were a Woman …
He’d Be In a Conservatorship!!!

10/31/2022 11:30 AM PT


D.L. Hughley‘s got some strong words for Kanye West, and believes the only thing preventing Kanye from being in a conservatorship is his gender.

D.L. told his truth at LAX Monday, he thinks Kanye’s gone off the rails, and believes his actions alone should be enough reason to put him in a conservatorship. The actor points out Britney Spears and Wendy Williams, saying if a woman was making the same claims as Kanye, she’d be put under court-ordered protection.

D.L. says he doesn’t understand why Ye would compare himself to George Floyd or Emmett Till — both things KW posted about over the weekend on Instagram, before getting silenced on the platform once again.

Kanye took to Parler, claiming he got a 30-day ban from IG after posting a text exchange between him and Russell Simmons … one where he said he wants to « get the Jewish business people to make the contracts fair, or die trying. »

FYI — a spokesperson for Meta tells us they deleted content from Ye’s account for violating their policies and put a restriction on his account. Restrictions can be placed when users repeatedly break the rules on the platform … which can include an inability to post, comment and even send DMs.

Meta’s spokesperson wouldn’t clarify what uploads sparked the restriction … however, sources within Meta tell TMZ — the post Kanye referred to on Parler was in fact taken down by the company.

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