Crocs Meets Web3 With Doodles x Crocs!

Crocs Meets Web3 With Doodles x Crocs!

Mark your calendars for an exciting fusion of colorful creativity and futuristic style, as web3 mega project Doodles joins forces with renowned global casual footwear giant Crocs. This dynamic partnership is all set to debut in August. Moreover, it’s not just limited to shoes; it introduces new shoes, a range of innovative wearables, and exclusive ‘jibbitz’!


  • Doodles x Crocs Collab: Arriving August 2023, NFT project Doodles teams up with footwear giant Crocs.
  • Beyond Footwear: The collaboration goes beyond shoes, introducing wearables and ‘jibbitz’ adornments for a blend of digital art and fashion.
  • Innovative Expression: The partnership promises a unique collection that merges creativity, comfort, and self-expression, setting a new standard for fashion and NFT crossover.

An image of a colorful poster announcing Doodles x Crocs collaboration

Doodles’ Next Big Move: Colorful Collabs Await Crocs!

Footwear giant Crocs, Inc. finally follows up to their entry into the NFT realm in 2022. Immerse yourself in a world where digital art meets everyday fashion.

This is where the lines between the virtual and the tangible blur, creating a unique and expressive experience. The creative prowess of Doodles merges with Crocs’ legacy of comfort and style! This collaboration redefines the way we perceive footwear and accessories.

Beyond mere shoes, this partnership envisages wearable devices that seamlessly integrate technology and fashion, enhancing both form and function. And who could forget the delightful ‘jibbitz’, those small yet significant adornments that allow you to customize your Crocs with a personal touch.

Their earlier 2022 trademark application lays the brand’s plans to introduce downloadable digital assets, including NFTs and digital collectibles. While details are yet to emerge, the filing hints at the potential for digital wearables and NFT collections, expanding the brand’s reach into the virtual world. The latest Doodles x Crocs collab marks their official entry into NFTs! Industry rivals Nike and Adidas have already made strides, signaling the growing demand for customizable digital goods.

The anticipation for this groundbreaking collaboration is building. As the realms of NFTs and fashion converge, Doodles x Crocs is positioned to create ripples of excitement not only among fashion enthusiasts but also within the NFT community.

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