Canvas Rebel Shines Spotlight of Modern House Numbers, Interviews Founder and Owner

Canvas Rebel Shines Spotlight of Modern House Numbers, Interviews Founder and Owner

An online publication focusing on contemporary culture and art publishes an interview with Brandy McLain, highlighting the company’s unique history, products, and operational style.

Over the past 14 years, Modern House Numbers has grown from a side hustle Rick and Brandy McLain operated out of their home to a thriving business employing 30 staff members. At their headquarters in Tucson, AZ, team members design, manufacture, and ship numbers, letters, and plaques to homeowners and businesses nationwide. Canvas Rebel’s recent interview with Brandy McLain, published online, highlights the history and details of the company that makes it stand out against the competition.

Both trained in architecture, Rick and Brandy McLain have always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. When life presented the couple with the opportunity to try their hand at starting a business in 2008, they seized it. They had just finished renovating their own home, including manufacturing custom house numbers to mesh with the style of their home. Their contemporary house numbers were instantly popular with family, friends, and neighbors who frequently asked about them. Rick and Brandy continued to work full-time while getting their business off the ground.

“In the first four years, Rick and I did all the work ourselves in the evenings and on weekends,” stated Brandy McLain. “We invested a lot of time and energy into perfecting our products and the processes to ensure our house numbers and letters were stylish and durable and that our operations were as sustainable as possible. Maximizing efficiency, reducing waste, and consistent outcomes were all priorities for us.”

Modern House Numbers now offers several contemporary fonts and address styles for customers to choose from, including a QuickShip inventory of letters and numbers in popular fonts, colors, and sizes. Despite their growing popularity, their products are still handcrafted by them and their team in Tucson. This practice ensures the quality of each piece and enables them to accommodate custom and bulk order requests. As the popularity of these address numbers and letters has grown, so has the Modern House Numbers team.

“The growth we have achieved over the years would not have been possible without the help of our innovative and hard-working team,” remarked McLain. “We have been very thoughtful and deliberate in hiring individuals who share the same vision and goals for the company. The culture and values we share transcend our differences and have allowed us to successfully find solutions to problems and streamline processes to make Modern House Numbers the company it is today.”

Focused on delivering a high-quality, durable product to every customer, Modern House Numbers handcrafts every number and letter from solid, recycled aluminum. To learn more about how Modern House Numbers helps homeowners and businesses find the perfect numbers and letters for their style or to order a custom address plaque, visit

About Modern House Numbers

Modern House Numbers specializes in creating thoughtfully designed, impeccably crafted, and simple-to-install house numbers. They create products that empower homeowners to add style and value to their environment.

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