Azuki NFT Collection Announces Streetwear Collab with AMBUSH

Azuki NFT Collection Announces Streetwear Collab with AMBUSH

Azuki, one of the world’s leading NFT brands created by Chiru Labs, is teaming up with AMBUSH, the famous Japanese streetwear brand. The limited edition fashion collaboration will celebrate traditional Eastern craftsmanship, AMBUSH’s signature minimalistic design, and web3 culture.

The capsule drop offers four unique items: two hoodies in grey and black colorways and two pendant necklaces in silver and gold. You can enter the draw to purchase these items at 9:00 AM PT on Wednesday, November 9th, via The raffle runs for 48 hours. Then, the winners will be selected after the draw closes on November 11th.

image of an Azuki AMBUSH hoodie
Famous NFT brand Azuki is teaming up with fashion brand AMBUSH for a limited edition merch drop

Azuki announces AMBUSH NFT fashion collaboration

Zagabond, the Azuki founder and Creative Director of AMBUSH, Yoon Ahn, have worked together to ensure that the collaboration represents the design and culture of both brands.

“Azuki is proud to collaborate with AMBUSH to explore the intersection of varied subcultures and web3 technology through the lens of fashion. AMBUSH is bold and innovative, and our collaboration reflects these shared values,” said Azuki founder, Zagabond.

What fashion items are on offer?

The Azuki x AMBUSH collection will use capsule drops to distribute winning items. Furthermore, the lucky raffle winners can choose the items they want from this exciting limited edition collaboration.

Items include – 

  • Silver Pendant – Designed in the shape of a traditional inkan stamp and featuring an Azuki dragon with IKZ engravings that stands for “ikuzo” or “let’s go” in Japanese.
  • Golden Pendant: Super rare and features a detailed sculptured dragon in the inkan style. It also has the IKZ engraving.
  • Hoodies: There are two colorways: black and cloud. The hoodies are minimalistic functional garments and feature the IKZ stamp.

What’s more, the capsule drop is celebrated with a fantastic lookbook featuring Mandy Sekiguchi, a famous American-Japanese dancer, rapper, actor, and musician.

image of pendant.
Items in the Azuki x AMBUSH drop include hoodies and pendants.

Azuki is using PBT technology

Recently, Azuki also held a Proof of Stake: Golden Skateboard Auction. This was the first time Azuki used its new Physically backed Token (PBT) chip technology. Significantly, now they are integrating this into the fashion collaboration with AMBUSH.

To clarify, the Azuki x AMBUSH hoodies contain a PBT ‘BEAN’ chip. This powers the blockchain ownership verification technology that Azuki has created. So, scanning the chip with a mobile device will start the PBT mint process and transfer it to the owner’s wallet. PBT then authenticates and ties the item to a digital token of the owner’s choice.

How to take part in Azuki x AMBUSH

To enter the draw, users must head to the official Azuki website. The raffle will remain open from 9 AM PT on Wednesday, November 9th, for 48 hours. The winners will be selected after the entry period closes. Furthermore, winners can choose which items they want to purchase from the Azuki x AMBUSH fashion collaboration.

Finally, after the success of the Azuki Golden Skateboard drop, many will be looking to collect these new limited edition items and, of course, try the new PBT technology for themselves.

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