Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Admits to Being “Jealous” of Brother Who Saved His Life

Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Admits to Being “Jealous” of Brother Who Saved His Life

Sibling relationships can be complex, but love can overcome challenges and disagreements. Ashton Kutcher has repeatedly shown that he’s a good person beyond his entertainment career, especially when it comes to his brother, who has dealt with cerebral palsy since birth. Despite this obstacle, Ashton has gone above and beyond to support his brother in overcoming challenges.

Their bond remained strong, conquering every obstacle hand in hand.

Michael was an unexpected twin brother to Ashton Kutcher, a surprise for their parents, who hadn’t anticipated having twins. When Michael was born, he had difficulty taking his first breath. “My mom noticed I was having developmental difficulties and not advancing like my twin was,” Michael confesses. However, with his strong will to survive and proper medical care, he overcame the challenges of his early weeks.

Unfortunately, this early struggle had long-term negative effects on his health, leading to developmental delays caused by neurological problems. At the age of 3, Michael received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Ashton loved Michael and was always there for him when other kids were mean to him. In an interview, Michael shared a story about when they were riding their bikes, and a group of kids started picking on both of them. “My brother picked a fight with them. He stood up for me. He wanted them to treat me with respect.”

As time passed, Michael faced even more health problems, making Ashton feel helpless. There was a time when doctors told Michael he had a severe heart condition that could be life-threatening. He needed a new heart to stay alive, which made Ashton feel like he couldn’t do anything to improve things.

Back then, Ashton was willing to give his heart to save Michael. Fortunately, a donor came in time for a successful transplant. While Michael struggled with health issues, Ashton’s fame grew. Seeing his brother’s popularity, Michael hid his cerebral palsy, not wanting pity.

Yet, in a 2003 interview, Ashton unknowingly disclosed Michael’s condition, leading to a strain between them. Ashton’s exact words during the interview were: “I didn’t know I was outing him because I didn’t know it was a secret.”

When Michael’s cerebral palsy became known to the public against his desires, he felt “really mad.” He had never planned to be a voice for the condition, but over time, he saw that Ashton’s unplanned revelation ultimately helped him come to terms with his reality.

They both talked openly about the jealousy that drove them apart.

During a deeply personal interview, the Kutcher siblings engaged in an open discussion about their relationship, during which Michael candidly confessed to feeling envious of his brother. When asked about the reasons behind their adult estrangement, Michael straightforwardly shared:

“Jealousy, for sure, at least on my part,” he claims. “You know, there was a moment where I viewed him as receiving more attention than I was getting, and that kind of drove me down to a place where I was jealous. Here we are, just one and two for so many years, and then he goes off to do immense things and becomes a household name. It really affected me in terms of my self-worth.”

As time passed and they hung out more, their connection grew stronger, and they became close. “But once we kind of got together, we got through that, and I realized, ‘You know what? He’s still my brother.’ The world may view him differently, but I know him. He hasn’t changed, and he never will change. Then, once I took all of the fame and everything out of it, I was able to just come back to him.”

On a different note, Ashton also faced challenges and imperfections while working to mend the relationship with his brother. “I also had my hang-ups, like when I first started to experience success on a very large level. It goes to your head.”

Kutcher shared that Michael was the one who brought him back down to earth. They’ve become really tight since then, and their bond is unbreakable. They’re always there for each other, supporting and backing one another up.

Ashton and his brother showcase the incredible strength of sibling bonds, much like the deep connection the actor has formed with his wife, who used to be his on-screen partner.

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