Antique market gets a makeover

Antique market gets a makeover

Shanghai’s earliest antique market building in Yuyuan Garden Malls reopened on Monday after a major facelift, and now features traditional Chinese culture, heritage artisanship and nostalgic antique bazaars.

The renovated Huabao Mansion, neighboring the City God Temple, a local landmark, will mainly host art exhibitions, livestreaming podcasts and literati gathering. The historical garden was once a popular site for local men of letters to gather and compose poems or draw ink paintings together.

The building will become a social hub again, gathering inheritors of heritage skills, antique collectors and professional art bodies to highlight traditional Chinese culture, according to the malls.

The inaugural exhibition of China’s blue and white porcelain opened on Monday to mark the official reopening of the landmark building.

Twenty-one of China’s leading oil painting, sculpture and art installation artists were invited to create more than 70 porcelain plate paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

The exhibition, to run through mid-February, is jointly hosted by the malls and the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jiangxi Province, which is famous for ceramics.

“Jingdezhen ceramics have had great influence on the world, but the traditional artisanship and patterns lack independent artistic language in modern times,” said Luo Xiaocong, exhibition curator.

The exhibition aims to fuel the evolution of the heritage skill dating back to the Han Dynasty (206BC-220) with new concepts, innovation and a combination with the contemporary art, he added.

After the exhibition, the mansion will invite other original places of China’s world-famous heritage artisanship, such as Yixing in neighboring Zhejiang Province which is famous for dark-red enameled pottery and Dongyang which is known for its wooden carving.

The Huabao Mansion was originally built in September 1994.

The Old City God Temple Arts and Crafts Store was relocated to the building from the main hall of the temple. It thus became the earliest antique market as well as arts and craft store in Shanghai after the reform and opening-up.

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