Angela Simmons Confirms Yo Gotti Relationship With THIS Photo?

Angela Simmons Confirms Yo Gotti Relationship With THIS Photo?

Angela Simmons is inching closer and closer to revealing her “secret” boo-thang after fans speculate she’s in a relationship with Yo Gotti.

In case you missed it, Gotti famously name-dropped the socialite in his music six years ago, so fans are curious to know if the shout out worked in his favor. It’s possible: Angela apparently celebrated her 35th birthday with the rapper in September. Fans caught wind of them being friendly after a clip surfaced of the influencer rapping Yo Gotti’s 2016 hit record that name-dropped her, “Down in the DM.” She was also turning next to him in the surfaced footage.

Then in October, the rumored couple appeared to vacation in the same suite in Paris, sharing their views on Instagram.

Next, they even hit up the desert in Dubai.

Looks like Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti were both riding through the Dubai desert! 👀 #IfAtFirstYouDontSucceed

— TheShadeRoom (@TheShadeRoom) October 23, 2022

But is Angela FINALLY ready to confirm Yo Gotti is officially her better half?

Angela Simmons Fuels Yo Gotti Rumors

Simmons is adding fuel to the Yo Gotti dating rumor fire this week. Yesterday, she shared a photo after popping up at Yo Gotti’s mom’s birthday party. Photos of Angela and Gotti at the even surface on social media before she shared her own photo from the celebration, with a heart emoji over her date.

The mother wrote “forever mood” over the photo.

Fans React To Angela’s Forever Mood Post

While Angela didn’t reveal the face of the person she seemed to be fawning over, that did not stop fans from sharing their excitement at it possibly being Yo Gotti.

Yo Gotti was telling us he just followed Angela Simmons and that he had a crush on her 6 years ago and now here he is with Angela Simmons hiding his big ole noggin with a heart. Moral of the story is never stop going after what you want

— KING 👑 (@Splashystackss) November 17, 2022

Angela Simmons a ham, why u hiding Gotti face for, we know it’s him, she slow😭btc u already had him waiting, show that nigga off goofy ass girl😂😂😂

— Domo🪬🤍 (@DomLoyaltyOLove) November 18, 2022

Ángela Simmons finally gave Yo Gotti a chance now look at how happy they are together

— I ❤️ Jews, Please dont close my accounts. (@LaCienegaBlvdss) November 18, 2022

I kno Gotti so tied of Angela Simmons hiding his ass 😭

— DavionSW (@D_Keysguy) November 18, 2022

Roomies, do you think Angela’s IG post is the closest she’ll come to revealing her relationship?

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