Ally McCoist draws comparisons between Everton and Newcastle United

Ally McCoist draws comparisons between Everton and Newcastle United

Ally McCoist has been talking about Newcastle United and Everton.

The player turned pundit seeing comparisons that can be drawn.

Ally McCoist pointing in particular to the fans and ownership issues at the two clubs…

Ally McCoist speaking on Talksport:

“I have got to say, I am in the same boat as I was with Newcastle fans for many years, with Everton fans.

“You have got to have a great degree of sympathy with them.

“You look at Everton fans and Newcastle fans as similar, in the respect of the way they support their club.

“Newcastle for years and years and years were wanting new ownership and new direction.

“I think Everton are in the exact same position as Newcastle have been.”

Ally McCoist does have an argument at least up to a certain point.

Although to claim Everton fans have had it as hard as Newcastle United fans had it, is laughable.

For starters, unless they are pushing on 90, no Everton fan has, as an adult at the time, seen their club ever relegated.

Whilst until these last two seasons, the previous 17 seasons saw 12th as their lowest finish in that time, whilst 12 of those 17 saw a top eight finish.

Compare that to the 15 seasons Newcastle United kicked off under Mike Ashley ownership and only once in the 15 was there a top nine finish in the Premier League!

Whilst Mike Ashley allowed no spending unless forced to, recent times have seen Everton owners spend fortunes but waste the vast majority of it.

What I do think though, is that there are some similarities for sure that can be drawn…

Newcastle United

2014/15- 39 points and finished 15th

2015/16 – 37 points and finished 18th


2021/22 – 39 points and finished 16th

2022/23 – 36 points and finished 17th

As you can see, Newcastle United relegated in 2016 despite getting a point more than Everton did last season.

Bottom line is that if you start regularly getting under 40 points, you are rolling a dice each season.

Aston Villa went down with Newcastle United in 2016 after getting just 17 points.

However, the writing had been on the wall because the points total for the four seasons before had read 38, 41, 38 and 38.

All the signs are there that this really could be a special stand out season for Everton fans

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