Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s Story, a Successful Duo On-Screen and in Real Life

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s Story, a Successful Duo On-Screen and in Real Life

A person’s circle of friends often gets smaller as the years go by, but good friendships always remain. That’s the case with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who met on a project more than 20 years ago and still share a beautiful friendship that seems imperishable.

In the mid-1990s, Drew Barrymore’s career wasn’t going as she wanted it to. Although she was still being offered roles, Hollywood labeled her a “bad girl.” Instead, Adam Sandler was the new kid on the block, thanks to the movie Billy Madison.

Despite having a long career in Hollywood, Drew no longer carried as much weight in the medium. Getting a meeting with Adam in person, getting to know him, and being able to talk to him about a project took a long time. It was harder than she thought.

Drew managed to contact him, and Adam met her at a café. They met, and that’s when Drew realized how different they were.

She said, “It was definitely not obvious we were supposed to fit as well as I believed because we looked like a preppy and a punk set up on a bad blind date. But I shook his hand with fervor, thanked him for meeting me, and began to plead my case to him. I told him that, for whatever reason, I knew that we were supposed to become a team.”

After a while, Adam found a script that had potential and mentioned it to Drew. It still needed some polishing, and Adam even helped polish it along with more comedians. They also had to find actors, and Drew was at the top of the list. When the director saw their chemistry, there was no turning back, the film had its leads.

The shoot was fun, and they really enjoyed it. Adam commented in an interview, “How bad can I have it being with sweet Drew?” In that same interview, they commented on the pleasure and honor of working together and how happy they were to be friends. The chemistry they had was as palpable in the movie as it was at the events to promote it: always laughing and having a good time.

Adam also said that when he first met Drew, he thought she was a tough girl, in a good way, as she was not intimidated. And he also expressed that her being part of the movie helped make the audience believe he could be a leading man. He said, “Drew liking me made it seem like girls were allowed to like me in movies.”

Their friendship continued to grow, and after a few years, they starred in another romantic comedy film called 50 First Dates. Drew read the script and found it simple, deep, emotional, and romantic. She wanted to be part of the project that Adam’s production company had already bought. In the end, he invited her to star in it and co-produce it with him.

The film was released in 2004 for Valentine’s Day and grossed over $280 million at the box office. Once again, Adam and Drew showed their chemistry and talent for casting and acting in this type of project.

Rom-com 50 First Dates was not the last project they would co-star in; years later, they decided to team up again and join forces for Blended. Their characters are growing with them. They are now parents, and so are their characters.

In an interview, Drew confessed that she loves the team she has made with Adam. She said, “It’s the best couple a girl could ask for. And we celebrate each other, and our lives, our real-life partners, and our kids. We’ve watched each other grow up.” Adam said that Drew has a special place in his heart and that he is very protective over her, and was grateful to be able to make another film together.

You can immediately tell they are a good team, so much so that people started wondering if they had ever tried to be more than friends, to which they both said no. Drew was clear, “No, we’ve never dated. It’s platonic. We’re more like brother-sister.”

They have said several times that their friendship hasn’t crossed the line to something more, despite making romantic movies and years of knowing each other. Drew believes that’s exactly why they are still such a great couple, she said, “That’s probably why we’ve been able to stay together all these years because there’s never been that awkward moment.”

Adam Sandler has been married since 2003 to actress Jackie Sandler. According to the actor, his wife loves Drew, and there is no jealousy.

He said, “We’re doing a good romantic scene, and I think I’m doing great, and then like, ’Okay, let’s move on, come on, that was great, Drew. Good job.’ And I’m walking away, and I just see my wife shaking her head, and she’s like, ’Just please, for the sake of the women, come in and look a little more alive.’”

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Drew and Adam often give each other words of endearment. They both have a lot of admiration for each other. At an awards show, Drew was asked to introduce his friend, who was nominated, and said, “I love this man so much and have always believed in him. I know everyone supports you because you have earned everyone’s respect. You deserve the best, you give your best, and you are the best. I love you dearly.”

For his part, Adam is also very fond of Drew. He remembers the day they met and how she has since been very kind to him, and their friendship has grown over the years. He said, “Growing up with her is going to be a good time. She has a great spirit, and I love her.”

What is the most important thing for a friendship to last for years? Why is it good to have friends of the opposite sex?

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