15 hottest texts that will instantly put your man in the mood

15 hottest texts that will instantly put your man in the mood

We’re all living in times where texting has become second nature to an extent that it has replaced face-to-face conversations.

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or just started dating a guy, you might want to get steamy with your conversations over time.

This brings us to talk about how sexting is a form of texting where you talk dirty to the guy and exchange some naughty messages over the phone.

If you’re looking for some hot texts to send to your man and turn him on instantly, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a list of the hottest texts that you can send a guy and start dirty talking!

– Dirty texting: You can send your man some dirty text throughout the day if you want to bring him in the mood instantly when he is away. Just make sure you’re more to the point and talk exactly what you want to do. Here are some examples:

1. “I want you so bad. Here. Now!”

2. “I love it so much when you do (this) to me.”

3. “I had a VERY naughty dream last night – you were definitely there…”

4. “I’m so turned on by enjoying myself while you’re watching me. It’s so hot…”

5. “What are you having for dinner tonight? I know something that can be your dessert…”

– Romantic sexy texting: This one is when you’re in a romantic mood. It will boost your attraction toward one another and also create a stronger bond between you two. Here are some examples:

6. “I can’t fall asleep. I can’t stop thinking about what we would be doing if you were here with me…”

7. “Making love to you is driving me crazy. It feels like we’re in some other world.”

8. “I wish we were lying next to each other… naked.”

9. “The way you kiss me feels like something electric is running through my body. It is so intense.”

10. “I like the way you look deep into my eyes and the sensations I get every time you touch me.”

– Teasing texting: This one’s for when you want to be a tease to your man. It’s like challenging is patience and it works like a charm. Teasing texts are also quite direct, but not as direct as dirty texting. Here are some examples.

11. “I can’t take off my bra… It’s really frustrating. Can you come over and do it for me?”

12. “What would you like me to wear to bed tonight?”

13. “Wow, all those yoga classes have made me super flexible!”

14. “I am in such an unusual mood right now… I feel like I could do anything.”

15. “I’m not wearing panties today… They don’t feel comfy.”

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